Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Five | 1.13.17

Hayneedle! Love the selection and that they offer some of my favorite wholesale brands that I use for clients. I recently picked up one of my favorite pillows (I've used it several times!) 

Thanks so much for Hayneedle for providing the pillow - as always, I only share products and companies that I've had a great experience with! 

Blue brushstroke pillow from one of my favorites - Stagg Design! Diamond pillow from Target  

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Love this fireplace!

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I'm obsessed with all the textured duvets from West Elm! here, here and here

Have a great weekend friends!! 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Winter Living Room | legrand

Today, I'm so happy to share our winter living room - featuring light switches and outlets from the Legrand Radiant collection!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Five | 1.6.17

Check out Target's Modern Global collection here!

Riced cauliflower! I know this isn't new, but I tried it for myself the other day and it was really good! I told David after we ate that is wasn't rice and he had no idea (he isn't vegetable adverse, I just wanted to see if he would notice!) Whether you want to eat more veggies or less carbs give it a try (if you haven't :)! Pinterest has tons of ideas! 

I think the hardest thing about not eating dairy is cheese. The other day I tried Treeline's soft "cheese" product and it was surprisingly good! It's like a whipped cream cheese that's a little tangy - like sour cream. It's kinda pricey (the cheapest I found was $6.50) but worth it - I also like that it doesn't have any added oil or weird ingredients. I like it with these gf crackers.  *this isn't sponsored, just wanted to share a product that I've enjoyed recently! 

I love a wall to wall headboard (or floor to ceiling!) This DIY is a great solution for a headboard below a window! 

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Have a great weekend friends!! 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Bathroom Organization | Labels + Bins | Michaels Makers

Happy New Year! There is something so refreshing about decluttering and organizing to start the New Year! Last year, we worked on organizing our closet and I'm SO happy to report that it basically still looks the same (yes, sometimes the clothes pile up some, but I make sure to straighten up every week!)

So, for this year's Michaels Makers project, I wanted to take on another trouble spot - our bathroom organization. After taking 15 minutes to find a band aid the other day, I knew that it was time to take everything out - toss a few things - and neatly organize and tuck everything away.

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